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Introducing Navro: We’ve rebranded: Here’s why…


Today, we are thrilled to announce our rebrand. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while, and that we are incredibly excited to share with you.

As with all things, change is not only inevitable but often necessary for growth and progress. Nowhere is this more true than at Navro.

We’re doing hard things. We’re building the world’s first Payments Curation Platform – where businesses can quickly access genuinely local collection accounts and real-time payout rails. Part of achieving this is obtaining a strong regulatory footprint in the most reputable jurisdictions in the world. Part of this is building the best payment rails and hiring only the very best talent to help us on our journey. A lot of people told us it was impossible to try and do all this out the gate – to try and get access to the best rails globally so quickly – but that’s the mission we’re on for our customers – and our vision for what the future of payments should look like – access, everywhere, instantly.

At times, it has felt impossible. And in those moments we’ve been forced to adapt and overcome. But we have always embraced this change.

Embracing change is one of the main reasons why today we can say we have an EMI license in both the UK and Ireland. Why to date, we’ve raised $39 million in one of the toughest markets in FinTech history. And why we’ve built a product enabling businesses to navigate their growth into new markets by giving them simplified and optimised access to the best payment products worldwide through one platform, contract, and API.

It’s also why we’re so excited to announce such a significant transformation as we unveil our new brand identity.

We’ve moved beyond just enabling businesses everywhere to send payments. Now, we offer genuinely local collection accounts to support your global infrastructure in addition to the local and real-time payments we have offered since the beginning – and even this is just the beginning of what we have planned.

This rebranding journey is a reflection of the fact that we’ve grown quickly and that we aren’t slowing down. And is a testament to our commitment to excellence, not just in our product, but also in the experience we provide you.

Why Navro?

We needed an identity that matched our vision for what the future of payments should look like. A name that reflected our mission to help customers navigate their growth into new markets.

We wanted something that represented who we are and what we stand for – something punchy, bold and direct. A name that could grow with us, and take us into the next phase of our journey.

It took some back and forth (we’ll save you – *ahem*, and us – the torture of looking at the 200+ names we ruled out) but we finally landed on Navro. Immediately we knew it was the right fit.

It encompasses Navigation, and Growth – the two things we pride ourselves on being able to aid customers with.

What’s changed?

Well, quite a lot.

We have a new look and feel that better matches who we are as a business today. It’s bold, futuristic and dynamic – all elements we pride ourselves on being. Our logo has changed, and our illustrations, brand colours and tone of voice have changed too. These changes visually represent our evolution and our renewed identity.

We have a new website ( The redesigned site is not just a visual upgrade but also an improved platform that showcases our expanded offerings.

A final word from us

Though we may have a new look and feel, our commitment to disrupting the way people access gold-standard payments infrastructure hasn’t changed. As we continue working towards a new future of payments, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you, sincerely, for being along for the ride whether as a customer, investor, partner, follower or friend.

Here’s to the next chapter.

All the best,

Aran and Eddie

Our global

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