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For many businesses, borders have become a thing of the past thanks to online everything. A business in the UK can easily sell to a customer in Brazil for example. New customer bases and potential for revenue can be established more quickly and easily than ever before. But this simplicity and accessibility comes to a crashing halt when it comes to how businesses pay and get paid. Traditionally, businesses have been forced to knit together a patchwork of providers to move money around the world. It’s costly, slow, labour-intensive and inefficient.

We knew there must be a better way. And so we’re making that better way a reality. Enter Navro.

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Founded by FinTech experts Aran Brown and Eddie Harrison, Navro helps businesses smoothly navigate their growth into foreign markets by providing them with access to the best payments infrastructure around the world through one contract and one API. Making borders a thing of the past, and enabling businesses to scale more smoothly than ever before.

Meet the Leadership Team

From Google to Currency Cloud; Travelex to Paysafe; we’ve curated the best team possible.

Aran Brown


Aran has spent the last 15 years scaling and transforming payments companies. From accelerating Travelex’s growth in Europe through to its acquisition by Western Union for $1BN. Shortly followed by supporting Skrill’s growth in emerging markets and FX, through to its sale to Optimal Payments for €1.1 billion. Following that Aran then launched HyperWallet in Europe, a leading marketplace payouts platform, pre-sale to Paypal. In 2018 Aran was made CEO of Ixaris Group, a leading virtual card issuance platform focused on travel marketplaces, now part of NIUM. Aran has industrialised everything across FX, payouts, card issuing, payment acceptance, and open banking - and now he is using that experience, along with the founding team, to bring the Navro curation platform to online markets, so that complex payment flows are no longer a barrier to rapid growth and entry into new markets.

Eddie Harrison

Chief Product Officer

Eddie's career spans both B2B and B2C markets across payment acceptance, issuance, and payment infrastructure. From building market leading global payment products at Fortune 500 businesses Western Union and Travelex, to innovating in the card space with market disruptors Loot and Ixaris, to growing payment acceptance at Token and Yapstone. Eddie has run Product, global strategies, and financial networks for his entire career. and is also a seed investor within the FinTech community. Now, he’s combining it all to build Navro’s curation platform and make scaling simple.

Mike Southgate

Chief Compliance Officer

With a background covering payment operations, legal, settlements and IT, Mike is a practical and hands-on leader with a focus on execution. Before joining Navro Mike was Compliance Director and MLRO at Google, Founder of ERMI (a Transaction Monitoring service), and held a series of senior roles across multiple payments unicorns including Travelex/WUBS, and Ebury. ​​Outside of work he is also the AML and Tech lead, as well as the regulatory liaison to the FCA for AFEP (A trade body for payments firms) through which he has provided guidance and training to law enforcement and regulators across Europe. An expert in his field, Mike holds multiple degrees in: Law; Governance Risk and Compliance; A Postgraduate Diploma in Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC); and a masters degree in the Prevention of Organised Crime and Terrorism.

Kel Hartman

Chief People Officer

Kel Hartman has helped several tech companies scale and grow. She is passionate about empowering people and businesses to reach their full potential and was recognised as the Most Inspiring HR leader of the Year at the This Can Happen Awards. Kel has more than 25 years of experience in organisation development, cultural change, wellness, talent management and acquisition, executive learning and development, remuneration, succession planning and employee relations. A true global citizen, Kel has worked all over the world and traveled to more than 97 countries.

Jimmy Deane

Chief Financial Officer

Jimmy is an experienced CFO, having spent around the last 15 years supporting high growth FinTech businesses, and Banks such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, TransferMate and Paysafe. Jimmy’s experience in helping businesses scale is unmatched, having led Series A and B fundraises consisting of Unicorn valuations. An ACCA qualified accountant with a history of managing companies with multi-jurisdictional regulatory licenses, his expertise will support Navro’s financial growth strategy and corporate development.

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