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Helping you seamlessly collect funds and pay sellers and suppliers all around the world.

We recognise that the ability to scale into new markets is key to your success. At the heart of this is the ability to collect funds not just in your chosen currency – but also in the local market – and then pay your sellers and suppliers quickly, cost-effectively, and reliably.

Yet many Marketplaces are still plagued by a limited footprint and inefficient payment processes that lead to payment delays, high costs, and unhappy customers and partners.

Navro is changing this.

Global Payouts

Maximum coverage,
— minimal hassle


Payout Countries Supported


Payout Currencies Supported


Same-day payouts available


— like a local.

Create unlimited genuinely local accounts without ever setting foot in your required region


Create accounts in 35+ currencies


Create Named Accounts in 35+ countries

Key Features

Unlock access to the
fast, cost-effective and
reliable payment rails
— you need

Global payouts -
on-time every time

  • Expand your coverage and unlock access to new markets with Navro’s payout capabilities across more than 130 currencies and 170 regions.
  • With the ability to select the payment rails you require, you’ll never be late on a payment

Optimised settlement flows

  • Speed up settlement times by leveraging our real-time and same-day settlement capabilities thanks to our truly local accounts.
  • Navro is PSP agnostic. Receive funds directly from your payments acceptance partners

Access a global footprint

  • Local accounts around the world in your preferred currency
  • Save time and resource by unlocking access to all the payment geographies you need through a single provider.

Optimise your operations

  • Easily move money between accounts and track all of your money movements. Automate your payout processes by integrating via API to our platform.
  • Unlock access to market-leading FX rates and make costly conversion fees a thing of the past


Access to a complete payments infrastructure through a single integration.

Whether you want to connect to us via our portal or our API, safety and security are always front of mind.  You’ll be working with the world’s leading infrastructure providers, so you can rest easy knowing your funds are taken care of.


Putting you in control of your payments. Customise our payout flows with your branding via our API. Automatically collect all payout information in the format that works for you.


Quickly unlock access to new markets by using our ready to go portal. Gain real-time insight into all of your payments, pull reports and easily track all of your money movements.

“Navro’s capabilities cannot be beaten. Their ability to take care of everything from funding to payouts through a single contract and API has saved us huge
amounts of time and resource that we can now divert into revenue-generating activities, and better serving our global customers.”.

Chris Agius, Co-founder & CFO of Fyorin

Our global

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