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Smoothly navigate your growth into foreign
markets with maximum coverage and minimal hassle.

Our Platform
Global Payouts


Payout Countries Supported


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Same-day Payouts Available

Our Platform


Create Accounts in 35+ currencies


Create Named Accounts in 35+ countries


Unlimited Virtual Accounts in 30+ regions

Our Platform

Unlock access to the best payments infrastructure around the world through one contract and one API.

With Navro you can move money across borders, receive funds into local accounts, minimise FX fees, streamline reconciliation, and speed up settlement times so that your business can smoothly navigate its growth into new markets.

Platform Features

— without borders


Maximum coverage with minimal hassle - quickly and easily make payouts to over 170 regions via our global payments infrastructure and scale smoothly today.


Create named accounts in 35+ regions and 35+ currencies and enjoy the freedom of borderless payments.

Platform Benefits

Unlock access to over 170 regions

Seamlessly navigate your growth into new markets

FX fees

Say goodbye to costly conversion fees by settling and paying in local currency

Speed up settlement times

Leverage real-time and same-day settlement thanks to our truly local accounts

Streamline reconciliation

Automate your processes and easily track all of your payments via our API or portal

Our Sectors

Navro brings together everything
you need to run a successful, global payments operation. From sending funds to collecting them, we’ve got
it covered.

Marketplaces &
On-Demand Platforms

Helping you seamlessly collect funds and pay sellers and suppliers all around the world.

Pensions, Payroll

Helping you hire and pay individuals on time, and for the right amount all around the world.


Helping you seamlessly collect funds from customers and pay suppliers all around the world.

Our global

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