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An Alternative to Building a Large Payments Team


Why do e-commerce merchants and marketplaces go into business? That’s easy: they see a big opportunity to meet a new market need or a way to dramatically improve the customer experience. But, it’s a sure bet that they never go into business for the love of managing international payments. Yet as soon as they grow beyond their home market, e-commerce companies end up with large payments teams dedicated to managing payments, which should be no more than a back-office function.

Fortunately, this is all set to change. Navro’s transformational approach to managing payments means that ecommerce businesses can slim down their payments teams while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their payments.

Our approach is conceptually very simple, not that different to standard business process outsourcing, but with significant fintech innovation added to make the performance improvement more dramatic.

Imagine a world where all the various technologies, relationships, transactions, and compliance processes involved in global payments happen behind the scenes. From your perspective there’s just one contract, one relationship, and one API connecting to a single platform. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s exactly what we offer at Paytrix.

We take care of the full end-to-end process from payment in, to settlement, to payments out combined with the infrastructure to manage them across borders. That means you get to avoid all the hassle of managing risk, building out infrastructure, and navigating complexity. The big payments team can shrink down, and you retain only the in-house expertise required to focus on strategic areas that will help you succeed.

Transforming global business

A hundred years ago international businesses required an army of clerks and secretaries with pen and paper to process communications and payments. Advances in technology dramatically improved productivity.

Today we’re seeing a similar level of disruption unfold at a greatly accelerated pace in the area of global payments. Digital technology has come to global payments, which can be transacted faster, cheaper, and smoother than ever. By embracing this leaner payments model, you’ll be able to drive huge efficiencies internally, while also improving the payments services you offer merchants and end customers. Paytrix offers a powerful alternative to a large payments team — more efficient, accurate and compliant international payments that will save you headcount costs and more.

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